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Wednesday, June 01, 2022

Reputed Mafia Boss Bashkim Osmani Posts Bail #OperationCasino

Bashkim Osmani, the alleged mafia boss who was arrested in February this year, has been released from Palma prison having paid bail of 400,000 euros. On Tuesday, a court in Palma agreed to his release. His passport has been taken away and he must report to a court twice a month.
Bashkim Osmani

In February, there was a huge operation against money laundering and drugs trafficking. Operation Casino, which was centred on Mallorca, involved the Guardia Civil and National Police as well as a number of European police forces and the FBI.

Osmani's lawyer, Jaime Campaner, told the court that having had access to the file, which had remained secret for almost four years, "there was no evidence" against his client and so requested his release on bail.

Kosovar Bashkim Osmani came to Mallorca in 1999. He bought the Ritzi de Portals restaurant, which at that time had another name. He then bought an apartment in the area and later commissioned the building of a five million euro mansion in Camp de Mar. In 2018, the Guardia Civil opened a thorough investigation into Osmani and his alleged criminal organisation.

Some 600 police took part in Operation Casino. Osmani was traced to a hotel he owns in Croatia. He was arrested by Croatian police and extradited to Spain - to Mallorca, specifically, Investigators maintain that his network moved huge amounts of cocaine between South America and Europe and laundered the proceeds.

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