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Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Mobsters at the Apalachin Mob Meeting

The Apalachin Meeting was a historic summit of the American mafia held on November 14, 1957 at the home of mobster Joseph "Joe the Barber" Barbara in Apalachin, New York.

It was attended by roughly 100 mafia crime bosses from the United States, Canada and Italy. Expensive cars with license plates from around the country aroused the curiosity of the local and state law enforcement, who raided the meeting, causing mafiosi to flee into the woods and the surrounding area of the Apalachin estate.

The direct and most significant outcome of the Apalachin meeting was that it helped to confirm the existence of a National Crime Syndicate, which some - including J. Edgar Hoover, head of the Federal Bureau of Investigations - had long refused to acknowledge.

Mob Members at Apalachin

1. Dominick Alaimo: Member of the Barbara family.

2. Joseph Barbara: Boss of his own family. Presently called the Bufalino family.

3. Joseph Bonanno: Boss of his own New York family; deposed in 1964.

4. John Bonventre: Uncle of Bonanno, former underboss to Bonanno. Had retired to Italy prior to Apalachin and probably couldn't resist meeting old friends.

5. Russell Bufalino: Underboss to Barbara. Became head of the Bufalino family when Barbara died in 1959. A suspect in the Jimmy Hoffa disappearance in 1975. Bufalino controlled organized crime in the Scranton-Wilkes-Barre area and upstate New York, including Utica. He died in 1994.

6. Ignatius Cannone: Member of the Barbara family.

7. Roy Carlisi: Member of the Magaddino family from Buffalo.

8. Paul Castellano: Capo in the Gambino family. Took over as boss when Gambino died in 1976. Whacked by John Gotti in 1985.

9. Gerardo Catena: Underboss to Vito Genovese. Later helped run the family when Genovese went to prison.

10. Charles Chivi: Member of the Genovese family.

11. Joseph Civello: Boss of Dallas family.

12. James Colletti: Boss of the Colorado family. Partner of Joe Bonanno in the cheese business.

13. Frank Cucchiara: Member of the New England family. Most commonly called the Patriarca family.

14. Dominick D'Agostino: Member of the Magaddino family.

15. John DeMarco: Capo or perhaps underboss in the Cleveland family then run by John Scalish.

16. Frank DeSimmone: Boss of the Los Angeles family; he was a lawyer.

17. Natale Evola: Capo in the Bonanno family; later became boss of the family circa 1970.

18. Joseph Falcone: Member of Barbara or Magaddino family.

19. Salvatore Falcone: Member of Barbara or Magaddino family.

20. Carlo Gambino: Had just ascended to the head of the Gambino family after Albert Anastasia was whacked in October 1957.

21. Michael Genovese: Believed to be underboss of the Pittsburgh family.

22. Vito Genovese: Had just recently ascended to the head of the Genovese family after previous boss, Frank Costello, was wounded in a murder attempt and then retired.

23. Anthony Guarnieri: Capo in the Barbara family.

24. Bartolo Guccia: Believed to be member of the Barbara family or an associate of the family.

25. Joseph Ida: Boss of Philadelphia. He retired shortly after Apalachin.

26. James LaDuca: Capo in the Magaddino family; related by marriage to Magaddino.

27. Samuel Laguttuta: Member of the Magaddino family.

28. Louis Larasso: Capo in the New Jersey family then led by Phil Amari. Became underboss to Nick Delmore when he took over for Amari in 1957. He was whacked in the 1990s.

29. Carmine Lombardozzi: Capo in the Gambino family.

30. Antonio Magaddino: Capo in the Magaddino family and brother of boss Stefano Magaddino.

31. Joseph Magliocco: Underboss of the Joseph Profaci family, which is now the Colombo family.

32. Frank Majuri: Underboss in the New Jersey family of Phil Amari. Slid down to capo when Amari retired later in 1957 and was replaced by Nick Delmore. Bumped up later to underboss in the regime of Sam DeCavalcante in the 60s after Delmore died.

33. Rosario Mancuso: Member of Barbara or Magaddino family.

34. Gabriel Mannarino: Capo in the Barbara family.

35. Michael Miranda: Capo in the Genovese family.

36. Patsy Monachino: Member of the Barbara or Magaddino family.

37. Sam Monachino: Member of Barbara or Magaddino family.

38. John Montana: Underboss in the Magaddino family, demoted after Apalachin.

39. Dominick Olivetto: May have been a member of the New Jersey family.

40. John Ormento: Capo in the Luchese family. Not too long after Apalachin, he got yet another narcotics conviction and spent the rest of his life in prison.

41. James Osticco: Capo in the Barbara family.

42. Joseph Profaci: Longtime boss of his own family until his death in 1962. Family is now called the Colombo family.

43. Vincent Rao: Consigliere (counselor) in the Luchese family.

44. Armand Rava: Member of the Gambino family. Was whacked not long after Apalachin because he was an ally of the slain Albert Anastasia.

45. Joseph Riccobono: Consigliere in the Gambino family.

46. Anthony Riela: Capo in the Bonanno family.

47. Joseph Rosato: Member of the Gambino family.

48. Louis Santos (Santo Trafficante): Boss of the Tampa family.

49. John Scalish: Boss of the Cleveland family.

50. Angelo Sciandra: Capo in the Barbara family.

51. Patsy Sciortino: Member of Barbara or Magaddino family.

52. Simone Scozzari: Underboss in the L.A. family.

53. Salvatore Tornabe: Member of the Profaci (now Colombo) family; died Dec. 30, 1957.

54. Patsy Turrigiano: Member of Barbara or Magaddino family.

55. Costenze Valente: Probable member of the Buffalo family. The debate is whether Rochester was an independent family or simply a part of the larger Buffalo family.

56. Frank Valente: Probable member of the Buffalo family.

57. Emanuel Zicari: Member of the Barbara family.

58. Frank Zito: Boss of the Springfield, Illinois family.

59. Joe Barbara Jr. Was not at the meeting, although he was probably going to be. He arrived from the family bottling works after the troopers were set up and is not listed as an attendee.

60. Stefano Magaddino: Some clothes of the Buffalo boss were found in a car stashed in a barn at Barbara's home a day or two after Nov. 14, 1957.

61. Joe Zerilli: Detroit boss used his license to rent a car in Binghamton shortly after the fiasco.

62. John LaRocca: Pittsburgh boss was registered at an area motel but was never caught.

63. James Lanza: Like LaRocca, the San Francisco boss was registered at a local motel but never caught.

64. Nick Civella, the Kansas City boss and soldier J. Filardo were tentatively identified as the two men who called a cab from a local business.

65. Neil Migliore: A soldier in the Luchese family, Migliore allegedly was involved in a traffic accident in Binghamton the day after the fiasco. The speculation was that he came to pick up Tommy Luchese.

66. Tommy Luchese: Boss of his own family. He was never caught, though logic says he would have attended.

67. Carmine Galante: One of Barbara's housekeepers, tentatively identified as Bonanno's new underboss, was one of several men still at Barbara's a day after the Apalachin fiasco.

Many other mob powers, including the Chicago delegation, were on their way to Barbara's and lucked out by arriving late and were able to avoid the fiasco.


  1. Originally from Binghamton, it was interesting to find this article. Even though I was born after this happened, ive heard different versions over time. Im surprised the Binghamton family was not mentioned, who were the genarelli's. Ive talked with a retired fed who used to investigate them. They ran a florist which was a front for the family business.

    1. I don't believe everyone that attended are listed here. I have seen other sites that have more listed such as Sam Giancana.

  2. 1957 is well past to late to think of stopping such going on's. And no feds seem to be on the list as visitors, which is not going to happen, we got dirty feds.

  3. Ba Ba Booey and his Huge Teeth & Gums were there as a Huge Wall of Teeth.

  4. Yeah, how u doin'



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