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Monday, January 10, 2011

Onofrio Modica, Gambino Mobster, Pleads Guilty

A Gambino mobster copped a plea that could get him 10 years in jail because otherwise prosecutors wouldn't cut deals with his buddies, his lawyer said Thursday.

"He's a standup guy," lawyer Gerald McMahon said of client Onofrio (Noel) Modica.

Modica, 48, pleaded to accessory to murder, gambling and attempted jury tampering in the 1992 trial of the late John Gotti.

His lawyer said he wanted to go to trial, but the government forced his hand by refusing to offer deals to a half-dozen other Gambino soldiers.

"The government made us an offer he couldn't refuse," McMahon said.

Modica was one of 14 mobsters busted in a gambling ring in April and charged with extortion, jury tampering and murder.

Plea deals with everyone - except Gambino boss Daniel Marino, who pleaded guilty last month - hinged on Modica taking a deal, McMahon said.

He admitted he agreed to hunt down the addresses of anonymous jurors for Gotti's 1992 trial. Gotti ended up calling off the juryfixing plan.

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