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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

No Visits from Wife Can't Stop Mafia Boss from Fathering Child While in Jail

A notorious Italian mafioso has fathered a child from behind bars despite being denied private visits from his wife.

Raffaele Cutolo's daughter was born after he won a legal battle to become a father through artificial insemination.

He married his wife, Immacolata, in jail in 1983. The couple never consummated their marriage.

Cutolo, a former head of Naples' Camorra Mafia, is serving several life sentences for multiple murders. In an interview with La Repubblica newspaper last year, the 64-year-old mafioso said: "I'll die in prison. My last wish is to give my wife a child."

Cutolo's lawyers spent six years arguing with the justice ministry for his right to have access to artificial insemination techniques.

His baby daughter was born on Tuesday at a hospital in Naples.

Cutolo's wife, 43, told La Repubblica she would keep her child away from the Camorra. "I want her to never even hear that word pronounced, because it is synonymous with pain for everybody," she said.

Cutolo's son from a previous marriage was shot dead, aged 25, in gang violence.

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