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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Bonanno Crime Family

This is a work in progress, but the table below will include Members of the Bonanno Crime Family who appear in articles within The Chicago Syndicate. Eventually, each member will have a bio page with links to the articles in which he appears. The gangsters have been split into 3 categories: "Bosses", "Friends of Mine" and "Friends of Ours". It is not intended to be an all-inclusive listing of Bonanno Members and Associates, but more of an index for this site. As other members or associates are mentioned in articles, the list will grow. If you have information on any additions or changes that should be made, please let us know.
BossesFriends of OursFriends of Mine
Joe Bonanno
Joseph C. Massino
Baldassare Amato
Michael Cassesse
Michael Virtuso

"Mike the Electrician" Urciuoli
Agostino Accardo
Kenneth Dunn


  1. Bonnanos, schmanos, the Outfit would kick that family's ass. Who cares about New York? Idiots ruined a good thing with all their stupid infighting.

  2. I just thought you should know Vinny Basciano is the current boss of the bonnanos and calling the shots.

  3. Romano from Elmwood Park IL1:25 PM, October 29, 2010

    I agree, there are two things that New York does. First: make shity pizza and the second is rat out there friends. And as far as that whole Cotti thing, him and his kid would be taking a bout trip down the Chicago River and his crew would be shared like a striper at a stage show.

  4. One of the many advantages of growing up in Las Vegas (February 1956 to March 1984) is that all the families got along for the sake of the almighty dollar.

    Throughout the years growing up in Las Vegas, all the individuals I ever met that were affiliated with the 'ARM' had much more finesse and panache than out counterparts on the east coast.

    Frank C.



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