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Monday, October 15, 2007

"Rocky" Busted in Mob Roundup

The FBI said it arrested seven associates of the Genovese Crime family Wednesday on charges the men took part in a series of armed robberies and other crimes in New York and New Jersey.

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Among those charged were John "Rocky" Melicharek, Dominick "Shakes" Memoli and Enad "Neddy" Gjelaj.

The suspects are accused of robbing numerous Morris County homes at gunpoint, as well as an Orange County business. The FBI said the men also threatened a Manhattan businessman if he did not make payments to reputed Genovese crime family associates Michael Iuni and Angelo Nicosia.

The suspects were taken to the FBI office in Newark Wednesday morning. They are expected to be arraigned on the extortion and robbery charges late Wednesday.

Melicharek and Memoli face up to life in prison. Others face a maximum of 40 years if convicted. Prosecutors said Memoli and Gjelaj are already behind bars on other criminal counts.

U.S. attorney Michael Garcia said in addition to prison time, his office plans to seek $1 million in restitution from the suspects.


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