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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Capo Tony D Palumbo Pleads Out in Mob Hit Case

An acting capo for the Genovese crime family pleaded guilty Monday to conspiring to whack a Russian organized crime hit man in 1992.

Anthony (Tony D) Palumbo took the plea in Manhattan Federal Court and faces 10 years in prison when sentenced Dec. 3.

Prosecutor Avi Weitzman said Palumbo and other Genovese gangsters engaged in a plot to kill a hit man for the Russian mob, but higherups in the mob family refused to authorize the hit. As a result, it was never carried out, said Weitzman.

The rubout plot was tied to an elaborate bootleg-gasoline-tax scheme involving the Genovese and Russian gangsters.

In June, Palumbo, 61, of Bronxville, was charged with getting a fellow mobster who was stealing from him, Angelo Sangiuolo, whacked in a Bronx parking lot.

As part of the plea deal, prosecutors will not pursue Palumbo for that slaying.

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