The Chicago Syndicate: 47 Top Mobster Nicknames

Tuesday, September 19, 2023

47 Top Mobster Nicknames

  1. Al Capone - Scarface
  2. Albert Anastasia - Lord High Executioner and Mad Hatter
  3. Albert Gallo - Kid Blast
  4. Albert Vena - Albie the Falcon
  5. Anthony Accardo - Big Tuna and Joe Batters
  6. Anthony Corallo - Tony Ducks
  7. Anthony Casso - Gaspipe
  8. Anthony Doyle - Twan
  9. Anthony Silvestro - Bugz
  10. Benjamin Siegel - Bugsy
  11. Carmine Persico - The Snake
  12. Charlie Luciano - Lucky
  13. Daniel Capaldo - The Wig and Shrek
  14. Dominick Ricigliano - The Lion
  15. Donald Angelini - The Wizard of Odds
  16. Felix Alderisio - Milwaukee Phil
  17. Frank Cali - Frankie Boy
  18. Frank Nitti - The Enforcer
  19. Frank Schweihs - The German
  20. Jim Colosimo - Big Jim
  21. John Cerone - Jackie
  22. John D'Amico - Jackie Nose
  23. John DiFronzo - No Nose and Johnny Bananas
  24. John Gotti - The Dapper Don and The Teflon Don
  25. Joseph Aiuppa - Joey Doves
  26. Joseph Andriacchi - Joe The Builder and The Sledgehammer
  27. Joseph Bonanno - Joe Bananas
  28. Joseph Lombardo - Joey The Clown
  29. Joseph Marra - Joe Fish
  30. Louis Daidone - Louie Bagels
  31. Louis Fratto - Cock-Eyed Louie
  32. Luigi Manocchio - Baby Shacks
  33. Michael DiLeonardo - Mikey Scars
  34. Michael Sarno - The Large Guy
  35. Michael Yannotti - Mikey Y.
  36. Paul Rica - The Waiter
  37. Paul Schiro - The Indian
  38. Patrick DeFilippo - Patty the Pig and Patty from the Bronx
  39. Philip Giaccone - Phil Lucky
  40. Salvatore DeLaurentis - Solly D
  41. Salvatore Gravano - Sammy the Bull
  42. Salvatore Vitale - Good Lookin' Sal
  43. Sam Battaglia - Teets
  44. Sam Giancana - Moony and MoMo
  45. Vincent Basciano - Vinny Gorgeous
  46. Vincent Gigante - The Chin
  47. Vincent Scura - Vinny Linen


  1. Another few nicknames of the gangsters of the Prohibition/Great Depression Era!! 1. Jacob “Gurrah” Shapiro, Emmanuel “Mendy” Weiss and their boss Louis “Lepke” Buchalter, members of the National Crime Syndicate’s personal hit squad called, “Murder Inc.”; which was made up of Ocean Hill Italian mobsters and Jewish Mobsters from Brownsville. These special hitters only worked for the NCS that was ran by Salvatore Lucania aka “Charlie Lucky Luciano” and his number two, Meyer Lansky. Luciano and Lansky decided on the contracts that were undertaken by the exclusive hitmen of “Murder Inc.”! Lucky and Meyer decided upon which men deserved to die at the hands of “Murder Inc.”, the two leaders appointed Joey A. Adonis as the overseer of the hit squad who once he was given a name, he turned to the two day to day bosses , Albert “the Mad Hatter” Anastasia and Louis “Lepke” Buchalter who had the responsibility of selecting the hitters and giving them their jobs; The NCS and “Murder Inc.” were the first time in the history of the organized crime syndicate from coast to coast, which was an organization made up of all nationalities of underworld gangsters; Italian’s, Jewish, Irish and the other small groups of different ethnic groups like German’s , Polish, etc.!!!

  2. Some of the other top nicknames of the Underworld; Carmine “Lilo”” the Cigar” Galante, Anthony “Joe Batters”/“the Big Tuna” Accardo, Gaetano “Tommy 3 Finger Brown” Lucchese, Phillip “Benny Squint” Lombardo, John “the Dapper Don”/“the Teflon Don” Gotti, Giuseppe “Joe the Clutch-Hand” Morello, Ignacio “the Wolf”/“Lupo” Saietta, Vincent “Jimmy Blue Eyes” Alo, Michael “Trigger Mike” Coppola, Anthony “Tony Bender” Strollo, Vito “Don Vitone” Genovese, Vincente “the Chin” Gigante, Alphonse “Snorky”/Scarface”/“the Big Guy” Capone, Frank “the Prime Minister” Costello to name a few more!!!

  3. In the Pre-Prohibition Era of Chicago, the underworld rackets were mainly the Prostitution racket located in “the Levee” ( red light) district. The top men of authority over the criminal gangs and rackets were two Irish Alderman; Michael “Hinky Dink” Klenha and his partner in crime, John “Bath House” Coughlin. The two politically connected, influential and powerful racketeers, found a brothel/restaurant/night club operator, by the name of “Big”/“Diamond”Jim Colosimo and took him under their wings and turned him into a powerful man in the Levee prostitution racket as well as the other rackets operated by various ethnic groups throughout the City. The two corrupt aldermen we’re making big money with Colosimo, who married Victoria Moresco, who along with her brothers had multiple large scale brothels in the LeVee. As the money poured into their coffers, they managed to get Colosimo on the city pay roll as “a precinct captain”! Colosimo opened a after hours/supper club that offered the best in live entertainment in his restaurant named “Colosimo’s” which became a popular spot for the politicians and criminal underworld element. Although married to Victoria Moresco, who’s brothel’s added to “Diamond” Jim’s wallet, reputation and notoriety in the City!! Looking for a new performer for his restaurant he came upon Dale Winter, who turned his place into one of the most popular places where all of the popular people throughout Chicago: legal and illegal wanted to get in for the food and the lively entertainment!!! As Colosimo’s became successful he was approached by the Chicago Black Hand organization and they didn’t waste time in getting their point across. By time Victoria and Jim were not on good terms but she didn’t want to see him extorted by the Black Hand and she offered the aid of her family member in New York City who she claimed had dealt with those types of extortionists and she asked her family members for help. No sooner after she requested the aid to help her husband, a member of the infamous Pablo Vacarelli (Paul Kelly) 5 Points Gang, named John “the Fox” Torrio arrived in Chicago and within no time at all, the Black Handers no longer were a problem for Big Jim!! As Colosimo’s was prospering, along with his wife’s brothels, and his connections to Klenha and Coughlin; Diamond Jim became one of the most powerful influential and connected men in the criminal underworld of Chicago!! Torrio quickly became the number two under Jim and he organized the Chicago criminal underworld . Since Colosimo was in puppy love with his new performing act, Dale Winter, Torrio’s reputation rose and his authority throughout the city’s underworld rose to the point where he was in need of help and that help came in the form of another 5 Point Gang member, Alphonse Capone!! Between the two ex-New Yorker’s they got things organized and under their thumb/control; not only in the City but in the nearby suburbs surrounding Chicagoland which Torrio put Capone in charge of, and Capone made his headquarters in the suburban township of Cicero!! That’s when the money really began to flow and with Prohibition about to go into effect Torrio and Capone saw the bountiful profits to be made as a bootlegger. With their plan already established, all they needed was permission from their boss Colosimo, who since he was making a mint through his own businesses, declined the two’s request and forbade them from getting involved in the liquor business!!! Well with two men like Torrio and Capone, they weren’t taking no for an answer and suddenly Colosimo was murdered in his restaurant Boyer , which left his businesses in the hands of the experienced Torrio and Capone!! Hence the beginning of the the Chicago Syndicate criminal organization!!