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Monday, December 14, 2015

Star Wars Fans: History of the Force: New York Times Headlines From Far, Far Away

Star Wars Fans: History of the Force: New York Times Headlines From Far, Far Away.

This special collection takes you on a journey from the release of the first “Star Wars” movie in 1977 to the saga’s newest installment, “Episode VII: The Force Awakens,” set to be released later this year. Completely personalize it with a name on the cover and a choice of three different colors options.

The phenomenally successful series has captured the imaginations of sci-fi buffs for generations, and this keepsake book chronicles the public and critical reception of the film and its historical and cultural impact.

This comprehensive book includes New York Times article about the “Star Wars” films and their legacy, from reviews, news articles, graphics, photos and behind-the-scenes exclusives to profiles of director George Lucas and key actors. There are more than 25 color pages.

An epic gift for the diehard Star Wars enthusiast, the hardcover book is bound in a stately leatherette binding that is personalized with the recipient’s name. On the slate gray cover, you get to choose from three foil stamp colors and edition names.

- Green & Gold is the Light Edition
- Black & Red is the Dark Edition
- Slate Gray & Silver is the Master Edition

The contents are the same for each edition and each one has a companion “Star Wars” wallet -- Stormtroopers, "Star Wars" logo or Hans Solo and Chewbecca. Each wallet is made of DuPont™ Tyvek®, a plastic micro fiber that is tear resistant and water resistant. Super strong and compact, the wallets expand to hold everything you need.

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