The Chicago Syndicate: Seth Ferrant's New Book "Gorilla Convict" Gives the Scoop on Prison Life and the Urban Gangster

Sunday, February 03, 2013

Seth Ferrant's New Book "Gorilla Convict" Gives the Scoop on Prison Life and the Urban Gangster

Gorilla Convict: The Prison Writings of Seth Ferrantiis a selected compilation of Seth's work that has appeared on his long running blog at Online since 2005, the blog gives the scoop on street legends, the mafia, prison gangs, hip-hop and hustling and life in the belly of the beast.

What makes this collection so unique is that Seth writes his blog and stories from his cell block in the Federal Bureau of Prisons where he has spent nearly two decades in prison. He founded the Gorilla Convict web site from prison, and his intriguing and amazing stories have created a large and dedicated audience from prison.

From stories on Kenneth "Supreme" McGriff to Freeway Ricky Ross to 50 Cent to Miami rapper Rick Ross and everything in between, Seth has become one of the most prolific and influential prison writers of the last decade. He has written feature articles for street magazine like Don Diva and F.E.D.S., among others. Seth Ferranti is the voice of the convict, and the most potent voice for life on the streets.

Gorilla Convict gives the reader real, raw and in your face stories that have not been written from the mainstream news media point of view. They are written by a man who understands the criminal and convict codes and who lives and resides with the men he writes about in the belly of the beast. This collection of crime, prison and street lore is as inside as you can get. The men Seth writes about don't grant interviews, but they did with him because he has shared prison time with them and he has their trust.

Seth has also documented his prison journey in several other books that bring real life gangster tales to life. They include Street Legends Vol. 1 and 2 and The Supreme Team: The Birth of Crack and Hip-Hop, Prince's Reign of Terror, and the Supreme/50 Cent Beef Exposed.

Seth Ferranti is not an historian or a member of law enforcement or a reporter for a daily newspaper. He is a storyteller with access to the men who have inspired Hollywood, hip-hop and popular culture. And he weaves their stories honestly and dramatically.

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