The Chicago Syndicate: Frank Campione Accuses Son of Being a Rat

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Frank Campione Accuses Son of Being a Rat

Don't dishonor thy father.

That's the theme of a Colombo gangster's nine-page letter rant accusing his son of committing the unforgivable sin of speaking to FBI agents.

"You broke the laws of honor, loyalty and family tradition and you tarnished and embarrassed our family name," reputed mob soldier Frank Campione wrote to his son Michael.

The letter, dated Dec. 3, was seized by Bureau of Prisons officials at the Metropolitan Detention Center, where Campione is awaiting sentencing for shaking down a Long Island gambling club.

Prosecutors James Gatta and Elizabeth Geddes filed the letter in Brooklyn Federal Court yesterday in an attempt to keep Campione from getting a lenient sentence for medical reasons.

In the letter, the 67-year-old Campione warns his son, "I plan on being around a while."

The mobster's anger was apparently triggered by his belief that Michael told FBI agents he opposed his father's bail application, a source said.

"A rat is the worse [sic] thing anybody can be as far as I'm concerned," Campione warned. "I guess you learned that trait from your mother, but she is a woman and doesn't understand the laws of the land and family traditions. You are my son and ... you should have known better."

A knowledgeable source said Michael Campione is not involved in organized crime.

Frank Campione faces up to 46 months in prison when he's sentenced on Monday by Federal Judge Brian Cogan.

By the letter's conclusion, Campione had calmed down a bit. "Kiss the kids for me. Dad."

Thanks to John Marzulli

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  1. He died on Thanksgiving Day. No funeral service. His family doesn't want anything to do with him


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