The Chicago Syndicate: The Chicago Outfit Stretches into Rockford

Montana West World

Montana West World

Monday, January 28, 2008

The Chicago Outfit Stretches into Rockford

Stuart R. Wahlin has shared with us several articles that he has written that examine the reach of the Chicago Outfit into Rockford along with a current case with organized crime ties.

Chicago's Family Secrets Told in Rockford provides a recap of the Family Secrets Trial and includes information on a case in Rockford in which nine men were sentenced this past summer, between May and June, on federal charges of operating an illegal gambling business in Rockford since the 1980s.

Possible Organized Crime Link to Rockford Shooting investigates the police shooting death of 80-year-old Vaughn “Curly” Fitzgerald as he was apparently trying to foil an armed robbery on his property. It is widely believed a high-stakes “executive” card game was the target of robbers armed with handguns­-not the first such game Fitzgerald has allegedly played. Fitzgerald had gambling charges brought up against him in the past and he had been associated with reputed mafia figures at that time..

Winnebago County State’s Attorney the Office of Illinois Attorney General Fold on Card Game Robbery reveals how citing conflicts of interest, Winnebago County State’s Attorney Phil Nicolosi (R) and the office of Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan (D) have opted out of prosecuting a case stemming from the incident that led to the death by police shooting of 80-year-old Vaughn “Curly” Fitzgerald. The recusals mean the case will be handled by a special prosecutor. There are also allegations that law enforcement officials may have been in attendance at the card game.

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