The Chicago Syndicate: Defending Frank Calabrese Sr.

Friday, June 22, 2007

Defending Frank Calabrese Sr.

Friends of ours: Frank Calabrese Sr.

A reader wanted to paint another side of Frank Calabrese Sr.

Frank Calabrese Sr.
I know an entirely different person than the one portrayed in the papers and on the news. After my husband deserted me and my two children, I was looking for an apartment and no one wanted to rent to a single mother with small children. Everywhere, I went people had different excuses for not renting to me. I noticed a small house in Elmwood Park that was vacant and left a note in the mailbox with my number. Mr. Calabrese called me back and said he would be happy to rent the house to me and my family. I lived in that home for 18 years and in that time span he would put an envelope in the mail so Santa could buy my children gifts. If he saw them playing in the yard he would tell them to pick-up the old newspapers and he would give them $10.00. I saw his sons grow up to be fine young men and fathers and I had a great relationship with his family.

This man is not heartless, he has a soft spot for kids. Over the years I remember seeing him with his boys and they were happy. I think things changed when he remarried and started a new family. There is always a certain amount of jealousy when it happens. I've learned that know matter how much you do for your family it is never enough. I pray for this family daily and I just felt I had to send this to let someone know that there are two sides to every story.

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  1. Yes, there are two sides to every story. And the other side of your story is you were a neighborhood nightmare and you could care less when you looked the other way at killers, criminals, teen dopers and drunks just as long as you got what you wanted out of them. You blame your problems on everyone but yourself. It's no surprise you couldn't get a rental anywhere else when you had no references, no credit and no job. You milked everyone you knew including the government for family aid and you sued for back disability after you quit every good job you ever had. You aren't any more disabled than other working people who have a few aches and pains. Your fast food and diet and your lack of exercise is just one of your problems. You're just a scam artist pretending to be a sweet person on the outside to get very foolish charitable people to buy into your phony act. The smart people all avoided you, and the even smarter people kept away entirely. Your kids grew up to act just like you did and make everyone feel sorry for them. Try praying for yourself and for your kids, instead of your mobster and killer friends. Your late husband at least did some work at his job to pay what bills he could afford to pay. But he got tired of your routine too ... and now he rests in peace.

  2. Wow!!!!! It's one thing to just totally suck at living like y? do,, but to try and make someone as miserable as you by saying such horrible things has me questioning a few things. Shouldn't anyone who reads this feel bad for you? Come on, are you that upset with yourself as a human being and as a man( I'm assuming you are male) that you had to completely try and bash a a lady simply for making a kind statement? I only read your comment and I'm already tired of YOU. Unfortunately in this type of situation there only side of the story, and it's , you being a complete pathetic Jack ass

  3. Oh and btw, Frank really was a nice man. He did care for his family a lot and really is nothing like the media or his unfortunate diseased son made him to be. Unlike him you are the one who needs a reality check at manners and how to be a gentleman


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