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Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Hughes Brothers to Direct The Ice Man

Friends of ours: Richard "Ice Man" Kuklinski, Gambino Crime Family

Allen and Albert Hughes last brought the graphic novel From Hell to the screen. Now they’ve turned to the nonfiction shelves. Daily Variety reports the filmmakers are set to direct The Ice Man: Confessions of a Mafia Contract Killer, based on the Phillip Carlo book about Richard ‘Ice Man’ Kuklinski. Kuklinski was a contract killer for the Gambino family, who kept his job a secret from his wife and three children in New Jersey. The extent of his murderous career came to light only after he was convicted and given two life sentences, and gave extensive interviews to Carlo.

Kuklinski was described as “one of the darkest, most brutal and complicated killers in contemporary organized crime," according to producer Jason Blum who is working with Lorenzo DiBonaventura on the project. "He was a serial killer who found the perfect calling, carrying out hits for the Mafia." Kuklinski bragged about carrying out over 200 killings in his career. The Hughes brothers will move to The Ice Man after their next project, a big-screen version of the 1970’s television classic Kung Fu.

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