The Chicago Syndicate: Official Investigation Launched by @TheJusticeDept into Apparent Orchestration of Violent Riots
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Saturday, June 06, 2020

Official Investigation Launched by @TheJusticeDept into Apparent Orchestration of Violent Riots

Amid the anti-racism demonstrations that have spread across the entirety of the US, many cities have erupted with violent riots complete with crime and looting. However, some law enforcement officials have been labeling the riots as “organized”, stating that there is an apparent orchestration regarding the violence that goes beyond the peaceful protests.

Law enforcement has been coming across large piles of bricks and rocks at pre-planned protest locations, while some riots are being directed by scouts to areas that lack police presence. In addition, apparently some of the individuals instigating the violence are not recognized by locals, suggesting that a more wide-scale organization of crime and looting is hiding amongst the anti-racism uprising.

As a result of these strange findings, the Department of Justice has decided to launch an investigation in order to determine if in fact there are coordinated criminal actors hidden between the otherwise peaceful protestors. Some construction sites in big cities such as New York have reported missing bricks, suggesting that they may have been stolen and then later placed at protest rallies for the lurking rioters to use against law enforcement and store fronts. Some NYPD members have had water bottles filled with cement thrown at them, thus further suggesting there may be some pre-planned orchestration behind the violence.

An eye-witness report from Chelsea states that a large group of looters is working together to swiftly break into stores and steal the contents. The looters were driven to the destination in groups and came prepared with suitcases and power tools. Once they had finished robbing the store, several cars would come by to pick them up and they’d be off to the next location.

However, the Department of Justice has a lot of investigative work ahead of them if they want to determine who is behind the apparent organized crime. According to a report by Fox News, DoJ officials are hoping to analyze social media communications to figure out who the individuals are that are planning the destinations of looters and rioters. As per Donald Trump’s reasoning, the DoJ may want to begin its investigation with Antifa, because according to a Rasmussen Reports survey, 49% of US voters are in favour of declaring Antifa a terror organization.

Thanks to Hermina Paull.

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