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Thursday, July 13, 2017

Raquel Dodge, Top Prosecutor Nominee, Vows to Fight Organized Crime

Brazil's Senate on Wednesday voted overwhelmingly to approve President Michel Temer's pick to head the Prosecutor-General's Office after she vowed to make fighting organized crime a top priority.

Senators voted 74-1 to promote deputy prosecutor Raquel Dodge, clearing the way for her to replace current top prosecutor Rodrigo Janot in September. One lawmaker abstained.

Dodge had won approval from a Senate committee earlier on Wednesday.

Prior to the approval, Dodge said Brazil must step up the fight against organized crime, making sure that plea and leniency deals are used as instruments to help bring justice and not benefit leaders of criminal organizations.

She also called on prosecutors to stick to the law when negotiating plea bargain deals, noting that secrecy must be maintained and full immunity should not be given to leaders of criminal groups.

Thanks to Reuters.

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