The Chicago Syndicate: Teacher has Sex with Students, Then Threatens them with the Mafia

Monday, March 06, 2017

Teacher has Sex with Students, Then Threatens them with the Mafia

Allison Marchese, 39, has been jailed for three years after grooming two students for sex behind her husband’s back.

The English teacher, from Connecticut, US, stalked the high school students by sending them X-rated text messages and selfies, a court heard.

One of the students told cops how Marchese kissed him and touched him “downtown”. The 17-year-old pupil said the teacher summoned him into a classroom before locking the door and performing a sex act on him. The lad said he “freaked” out after that and told Marchese that she could pay him £160 ($200) to keep quiet about the session.

She then claimed her father was “an abusive man” and “in the Mafia” in a series of chilling threats to the teen.

The threats came after the mum-of-two sent the pupil “weird” text messages and half-naked selfies.

The racy pictures could also be viewed by other students on Instagram, the court heard. But Marchese claimed the snaps were meant for her husband, who worked at the same school.

Marchese was also accused of sending “non-stop” naughty pics to another student, age 14.

Marchese said she “couldn’t concentrate during class because he was so good-looking and she could not sleep at night because she was thinking about him.”

When one student asked her to stop, she replied: “I know when to stop, I know when to move on, but ‘I know’ is different from ‘I can’.”

"Thong selfie" teacher Marchese was suspended from Daniel Hand High in Madison, Connecticut, after the allegations emerged in January 2015.

She was initially charged with second-degree sexual assault and risk of injury to a minor. But last November she pleaded guilty to a string of charges including two counts of first-degree unlawful restraint, two of second-degree reckless endangerment, one of second-degree harassment and one of second-degree threatening.

The blonde sobbed quietly as relatives of the boys told how she hurt their lives.

One parent said: “The actions done by this woman has caused immeasurable damage to my son.”

Judge Melanie Cradle told Marchese: “You were a teacher and you were in a position of trust. And the bottom line here is the victims are kids and were their teacher. “A person who is engaged in the noble profession of shaping lives, values and thought processes of our youth. “It’s certainly a gift you should’ve taken more seriously.”

In her defense, her lawyer William Dow III told the court: “This happened in a very, very tough time in Marchese’s life. “It’s incorrect to portray her as someone who lacks remorse.”

Reported by Joshua Nevett.

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