The Chicago Syndicate: Specifics on Dismantling of Major Drug Distribution Organization in Nashville

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Specifics on Dismantling of Major Drug Distribution Organization in Nashville

A major Nashville drug distribution organization believed responsible for dealing in more than 200 pounds of cocaine this year alone has been dismantled after an 8-month investigation led to the identification of 19 mid to upper-level dealers, all of whom are now jailed.
The investigation, led by Metro police officers assigned to the 20th Judicial District Drug Task Force, culminated Sunday, Monday and Tuesday in arrests and the execution of 51 search warrants throughout the area. Seized were 59 pounds of cocaine, 71 pounds of marijuana, more than $449,000 cash, 70 guns, 19 cars, 15 motorcycles and 5 All-Terrain Vehicles.
“We know this drug network was responsible for funneling large amounts of cocaine to street dealers throughout the greater Nashville area,” said Chief Steve Anderson, who serves as a Drug Task Force board member along with District Attorney General Glenn Funk.
“Violence often associated with street cocaine sales endangers innocent families and drags down neighborhood quality of life,” Chief Anderson said. “Disrupting this type of cocaine traffic is very important for the overall health of our city.”
“Regardless of a drug network’s complexity, we will devote the resources necessary to fully investigate and prosecute those involved in sending and distributing cocaine, marijuana, heroin and any other controlled substances on Nashville’s streets,” General Funk said.  “We will never know for sure the number of crimes that have been prevented by the interdiction that has taken place over the past few days.”  
The case began in April after undercover detectives confirmed that Nicholas Moore, 33, of 4643 Clarksville Pike, was selling multi-ounce quantities of cocaine. Intense surveillance and investigative work revealed that one of Moore’s cocaine suppliers was Melvin Reed, 27, of 4124 Home Haven Drive, who was dealing in multiple kilogram quantities. Reed’s supplier was determined to be Reginald Cooper, 31, of 1177 Hunters Chase Drive in Franklin. The man supplying Cooper was identified as John Childrey, 35, of 1725 Simpkins Street, who is alleged to have been receiving cocaine from Mexico via Texas.
Two Texas brothers who just days ago are alleged to have delivered cocaine to the organization, Omar Zamarron, 30, and Nicholas Zamarron Jr., 24, were arrested at Nashville International Airport Sunday as they were about to board a plane to Dallas. Seized from them was $34,000 in cash. Both were then charged with money laundering and, like the other defendants, will be facing charges of engaging in a large-scale cocaine conspiracy.
In addition to the persons referenced above, the following individuals are alleged to have been part of the conspiracy as mid-level distributors of cocaine to street dealers:

• Jeffrey Doss, 35, of 173 Star Boulevard;
• Louis Turner, 35, of 3923 Alameda Street;
• Charles Potter, 32, of 1330 Wenlon Drive, Murfreesboro;
• Elton Price, 32, of 8102 Bonnafair Drive;
• Demarco Moore, 34, of 1037 Center Point Road, Hendersonville;
• Royce Lake, 29, of 602 Kerry Hawkins Road, Lavergne;
• Thomas Ford, 34, 4100 Pleasant Colony Drive;
• Jason Horton, 33, 706 Eric Drive;
• Richard Batey, 35, 2600-B Acklen Avenue;
• Patrick Stanford, 29, 1327 12th Avenue South;
• Julian Rivers, 26, 1177 Hunters Chase Drive, Franklin;
• James Bratten, 65, 5011 Rawlings Road, Joelton.

Defendant Alexis Springer, 31, of 608 Chestwick Court, is alleged to have aided the conspiracy by arranging for stash houses and money laundering activities.
Large quantities of cocaine were recovered from two locations: more than 20 pounds from 2231 Kirk Avenue (Childrey’s alleged stash house), and more than 20 pounds from 5725 Cedar Ash Crossing (Potter’s alleged stash house).  The majority of the marijuana recovered came from Potter’s Murfreesboro residence and also from Cedar Ash Crossing.
Liens are being placed on at least four properties, the first step in the process to actually seize the land.  Those address are:
• 1725 Simpkins Street (Childrey’s home);
• 2220 Buena Vista Pike (stash location);
• 2304 Buena Vista Pike (stash location);
• 3700 Brickmont Drive (stash house).

Assisting in this investigation were detectives from the police department’s
Specialized Investigations Division, MNPD Canine, Aviation & SWAT Units, Flex officers from the North & Midtown Hills Precincts, Crime Suppression Units from all 8 precincts,  MDHA Task Force, DEA agents, the 21st and 18th Judicial District Drug Task Forces, narcotics officers from the Rutherford County Sheriff’s Office, Lavergne Police Department, Wilson County Sheriff’s Office and the Maury County Sheriff’s Office.

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