The Chicago Syndicate: Sandip Shah and Shailesh Shah Charged as Part of Securities Kickback Scheme

Monday, May 12, 2014

Sandip Shah and Shailesh Shah Charged as Part of Securities Kickback Scheme

Two California men were charged for their involvement in a microcap stock kickback scheme.

Sandip Shah, 40, was charged in an indictment with nine counts of wire fraud and Shailesh Shah, 47, was charged in an Information with two counts of mail fraud and two counts of wire fraud. Both are from Chino, California, and were previously arrested on February 27, 2014.

According to the charging documents, Sandip Shah was in the business of promoting penny stocks and assisting public companies in finding sources of funding. Shailesh Shah was the president and chief executive officer of two publicly traded companies, SOHM Inc. and Costas Inc. Shailesh Shah agreed to pay secret kickbacks to an investment fund representative in exchange for having the investment fund buy stock in his two publicly-traded companies. The kickbacks were concealed through the use of sham consulting agreements and other fraudulent documents.

According to the charging documents, Sandip Shah agreed to introduce the investment fund representative to executives of publicly traded companies so that those executives could enter into the kickback arrangement. In exchange for the introductions and for facilitating the kickback arrangements as they continued, Sandip Shah accepted a portion of the kickbacks paid by the executives. What the defendants did not know was that the purported investment fund representative was actually an undercover agent.

The charges follow a lengthy investigation focusing on preventing fraud in the microcap stock markets. Microcap companies are small publicly traded companies whose stock often trades at pennies per share.

If convicted, each defendant faces a statutory maximum penalty of 20 years in prison, three years of supervised release, and a fine of $250,000 or twice the gain or loss on each count.

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