The Chicago Syndicate: Courtroom Drama Spotlights The Right To Stand Your Ground - A Cry For Justice #GeorgiaJustice
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Monday, November 09, 2015

Courtroom Drama Spotlights The Right To Stand Your Ground - A Cry For Justice #GeorgiaJustice

Stand Your Ground: A Cry for Justice depicts the real-life drama that GA resident Jackie Carpenter and her family were thrust into after her son was arrested for an accidental shooting. Based on Jackie’s two books, Stand Your Ground runs the gamut of emotions from tragedy to triumph and has all the makings of a blockbuster hit!

Stand Your Ground: A Cry for Justice

No mother should have to endure the ordeal that Jackie Carpenter and her family were put through as a result of her son’s arrest after he accidentally shot a man stealing from his worksite. And never in her wildest dreams could this Georgia mom have known that she would become an author as a result of this terrifying experience, that her two books would be made into an award-winning movie, or that her son’s case would be considered “textbook” in the annals of legal cases and be taught to future first year law students!

Taking first place in the Alaska International Film Festival, Stand Your Ground: A Cry For Justice by Triple Horse Studios is the award-winning movie that tells the gripping story of Jackie Carpenter’s quest to save her family. Jackie’s idyllic life was frozen in time the day she heard her son was arrested for felony murder when all he did was defend his worksite from constant theft. Unfortunately, as he held the men at bay while waiting for the police to arrive, his gun accidentally fired and one of the men died. This is a movie that everyone needs to see because it shows how something that happens in a split second can change a life forever. While it has all the terror and tragedy of a blockbuster movie hit, this one is real life!

Stand Your Ground, tells the explosive story of the ten-month trial and how Jackie Carpenter’s faith was tested to the max. The trailer for the movie won Award of Excellence in the Best Short Competition and Award of Merit in The Accolade Competition, and has been nominated as Best Picture in the ICVM Crown Awards and entered in the Gideon Film Festival! Please watch: to see the exciting trailer.

Feeling physically, mentally and emotionally ill through the first six months of this ordeal resulted in Jackie questioning her faith. All this loving mom knew was that she needed God on her side throughout the trial and she prayed relentlessly, asking for strength and renewed faith. Once she stopped doubting, courage replaced fear and she knew that God heard her plea.

Jackie’s first book, The Bridge: Between Cell Block A and a Miracle is Psalm 91, tells the traumatic events after her son’s arrest and how she used the prayer of protection, Psalm 91, to help face the turmoil of emotions raging through her and help her find the strength to hold her family together. Her second book, Georgia Justice, is a story of building faith. Jackie was able to overcome the grips of doubt and depression and her book acts as a guide for anyone wanting to renew and strengthen faith and hope on the road to ultimate victory.

Jackie Carpenter has been a featured guest on television, radio, and in newspaper articles. For information on Jackie and her books, or the extraordinary movie that will have audiences white-knuckled and hanging on to the edge of their seats, please visit:

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