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Wednesday, August 07, 2013

#LiberatingIraq Chronicles The Untold Story of the Assyrian Christians

Liberating Iraq is the story of the Iraqi war written by one of the only people in Iraq without a `minder`. The book provides the unique Assyrian Christian perspective on the Iraq war. Liberating Iraq also reveals what happened to the weapons of mass destruction, and it tells of the horrors experienced by those who worked for the Iraqi government and what life was like under Saddam. The book describes the days leading up to the war, the first relief convoy to cross the border into Iraq following the war, and the tremendous success of the nearly 400,000 Americans who fanned out across Iraq to love and save the nation only to now be on the verge of seeing that success lost.

Liberating Iraq is based on the author’s own personal insights as an Assyrian Christian over a period of several years, which were drawn from meetings with the Iraqi Prime Minister, President, Foreign Minister, top US and international officials, and the Iraqi people themselves. The readers who will be interested in Liberating Iraq include those who served in Iraq and who want the story they experienced told, family members of those who served who want to know the truth, and the general public who want to know what really happened.

"Liberating Iraq tells the story of the many Iraqis who truly did `dance in the streets` at the fall of Saddam's repressive regime and of the Americans, nearly a half million of whom helped liberate and rebuild Iraq. But it also underscores a difficult current  reality; namely, the plight of the Assyrian Christians who still struggle and suffer in today's Iraq. The world must turn its eyes to and raise its voice for the protection and sustainment of this the oldest continuing Christian community in the world!" Stuart Bowen, Special Inspector General for Iraq Reconstruction

"Liberating Iraq tells the “other side” of the story of how the nearly 500,000 Americans who served in Iraq touched a country and changed it for good. In addition, it tells the story of the Assyrian Christians who are in peril as the “victory” in Iraq has been squandered. What has particularly touched me is finally being able to say “thank you” to the families of the nearly 4,500 who gave their lives so that Iraq could be free. The Arab Spring has turned into the Islamic Winter and the Christians of the Middle East have suffered the most." Pat Boone, American Singer, Actor, and Writer.

"Amir George is an Assyrian Christian whose family is from the original Assyrian Homeland in North Iraq. This afforded him a unique vantage from which to view the American war and occupation. No other account of the war and its aftermath offers similar insights. In addition, George brings us more vividly than anyone else the story of the Assyrian Christian community whose decimation is arguably the greatest tragedy of the Iraq war and a terrible omen for the future of the Middle East." Joshua Muravchik, Fellow, the Johns Hopkins University School of Advanced International Studies

Amir George is an Assyrian Christian whose family is from the Northern Iraqi town of Mahoudi.

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