The Chicago Syndicate: Chicago Crime Commission Report Traces Expanded Legalized Gambling to Organized Crime
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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Chicago Crime Commission Report Traces Expanded Legalized Gambling to Organized Crime

In its rush to locate more funds for its government, the legislature in President Barack Obama's home state of Illinois is pushing legislation almost guaranteed to put a smile on the faces of organized crime figures and corruption-prone politicians.

If some of members of the Illinois General Assembly have their way, the "Prairie State" will soon become the "Gambling State," paving the way for nearly 90,000 gambling positions in Illinois, challenging Nevada and every other state in the country for the amount of gambling available.

Additionally the bill, which does not provide any additional regulatory personnel, will certainly lead to Crime Syndicate infiltration and political corruption, according to a report from the well-respected Chicago Crime Commission.

"I would caution the members of the Illinois General Assembly to think long and hard before they vote for the legislation. It is beyond my comprehension that the Illinois Senate has passed this bill. I would strongly encourage a sober review by the Illinois House and urge them to reject this dangerous legislation," according to Arthur J. Bilek, Executive Vice President of the Chicago Crime Commission.

"If passed, this legislation, more than any other in my memory, would change the complexion and perception of the City of Chicago and the State of Illinois...and not in a positive way," he continued.

The Gaming Act bill provides for a massive expansion of gambling across the entire state of Illinois, including 15 land-based casinos and 6 race track-based video gambling casinos called "Racinos" in addition to the estimated 50,000 video poker machines already approved by the General Assembly last year.

"The almost unbelievable number of new gambling activities provided by the bill will enable the always ingenious Crime Syndicate to seek out myriad ways to enrich itself by getting into the legal gambling game," Bilek added. "The investigative arm of the Gaming Board will be overwhelmed by the large number of new gambling activities," he said.

The bill mandates the Gaming Board to approve or deny licensees within 60 days of applications. With the number of new casinos, the number of new gambling positions and the dozens of changes and amendments to the existing gambling statutes, it will be virtually impossible for the Board to maintain the present integrity of Illinois gambling. "Interestingly, the bill is silent on adding or funding new investigators or staff for the Gaming Board," Bilek commented.

To date, the Crime Syndicate has been kept out of legal gambling in Illinois through the unflinching efforts of the current Illinois Gaming Board.

"Pure and simple the bill is a set-up for disaster. If passed, law enforcement can expect the entrance of the Crime Syndicate into legalized gambling through a variety of ruses and deceptions," Bilek warned. "Federal prosecutors should plan for a constant stream of federal corruption indictments against government officials, gambling operators and members of the Crime Syndicate," he added.

Specifics in the legislation include:

  • A giant casino in Chicago with 4,000 gambling positions, run by a separate, independent government entity called the Chicago Development Authority and not by the Illinois Gaming Board
  • .Four new casinos – Park City, Rockford, Danville and south suburban Cook County.
  • Six "Racinos" with video poker and electronic slot machines at the six race tracks in Illinois. The three tracks outside of Cook County would be allowed 900 gambling positions. Each of the three tracks in Cook County would be allowed 1,200 gambling positions.
  • A provision that allows all casinos to be land-based.
  • Dozens of other changes and amendments that advance the proliferation of gambling activities in Illinois.

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  1. Man Arthur J. Bilek needs to shut the hell up just cause his bank account is sitting nice doesn't make it right to tell the house to just deny it wen it's creating so many jobs n how the economy is till this date it could be the best thing oh yea and for all the stupid people there's no way in hell anyone would look at Chicago "the las Vegas of the Midwest" so bilek and all this politicians going against the bill and rooting for increase in taxes ya should b ashame of yourselfs we common people if you will are the reason they driving Mercedes having mansion type houses livin nice getting rich of us that is why slot of businesses wanna leave Chicago because they tired of giving these dumb ass people money and I can't blame them for leaving I live in Chicago but all this idiotic people are the reason why Chicago is the way it is and is the reason why so many people are just gonna get up and leave and I'm one of them!..

  2. Mr. Bilek is telling the truth about why this massive gambling bill should not be passed. Fortunately, Illinois' governor and our state representatives were wise enough not to listen to the only ones who would truly benefit from this expansion of gambling: The Gambling Industry.



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