The Chicago Syndicate: Video of Chicago Outfit Mob Bosses

Monday, January 04, 2010

Video of Chicago Outfit Mob Bosses


  1. i know this for a fact and i shouldnt say it john difronzo is scared to death of marcello joey a respects the shit out of him hes a man and joey lombardo wouldnt fuck with him to save his life john kass started all this front boss shit for a reason im not saying marcellos the boss but none of those guys are none were ever close none of them can hold marcellos shoes you wannado a real story go back and look at the evidence on the spilotros there was way more evidence on him than marcello think about it why wasnt he indicted john dofronzo was never and never will be boss maybe hes bitter thats why are you ready for this he a f'in rat why do you think none of those guys ever get indicted i know john d and im this close to calling him out do you really think they are that smart i will say this they are all worth a lot on paper but tax cases arent their problem besides joey a they are all sissies do you think any difronzo would do life f no johnny did 3 years in the ninties and i know someone that was in with hoim and he didnt do to well then the appeallate said he was over sentenced and let him home early do the math how did that happen

  2. Bold statement...yet, YOU DO HAVE A SOLID POINT...could it be he just has the right connections/paid off the proper people???
    Wasn't he in the basement when the Spilotro their beat down?
    Calabrese named close to 8 people with Johnny No Nose being one, and not one single charge...?


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