The Chicago Syndicate: Mob Murder of Chicago Tribune Reporter Remains Unsolved

Montana West World

Montana West World

Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Mob Murder of Chicago Tribune Reporter Remains Unsolved

Q: My father was born in 1918 in Chicago. He told me a story that, during his youth, the mob killed a newspaper reporter. The whole city of Chicago turned out for the funeral, leading to a public outcry against mob activity. Is the story true?

A: It’s true. On June 9, 1930, Alfred “Jake” Lingle Jr., a 38-year-old reporter for the Chicago Tribune, was murdered near a train station. A big state funeral with bands and military representation treated Lingle as a genuine hero. In time, his reputation became tarnished. Fervently involved in mob activity, Lingle lived a plush life way beyond the means of a newspaperman. His unsolved murder is a cold case; it still is on the books.

Thanks to Gary Clothier

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