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Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Reputed Gambino Crime Family Associate Loses Appeal at the U.S. Supreme Court

The Supreme Court on Monday upheld the racketeering conviction of a reputed associate of the Gambino crime family.

Edmund Boyle was convicted in connection with a string of burglaries of night deposit boxes at banks in the New York metropolitan area. He was sentenced to nearly 10 years in prison.

Boyle challenged his conviction, claiming that the federal racketeering law was intended for criminal enterprises with more structure than the loosely organized group that broke into cash-laden deposit boxes.

By a 7-2 vote, the court on Monday upheld the conviction.

"The group need not have a name, regular meetings, dues, established rules and regulations, disciplinary procedures, or induction or initiation ceremonies," Justice Samuel Alito wrote for the court.

Justices Stephen Breyer and John Paul Stevens dissented.

Boyle also is facing charges that he conspired to kill a suspected snitch outside a strip club in the New York City borough of Staten Island in 1998.

The case is Boyle v. U.S., 07-1309.

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