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Saturday, March 14, 2009

Does Al Capone Have a Grandson Who is a Real Estate Investor in Boston?

A Boston real estate investor believes so strongly that his grandfather was a famous Chicago gangster that he’s legally changed his last name to Capone.

Christopher Capone, formerly Christopher Knight, wants to prove Al Capone is his grandfather. He’s been trying to obtain DNA samples from known male descendants of the man known as “Scarface.” But the 37-year-old says if he’s not able to do so, he may request exhumation of the mobster’s remains from Mount Carmel Catholic Cemetery in the western suburb of Hillside.

Chicago attorney David M. Hundley filed a legal motion on behalf of Christopher Capone in Cook County Circuit Court on Thursday. He asks that the cemetery and the Archdiocese of Chicago guarantee the body remains undisturbed pending possible disinterment.

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