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Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Perfect Holiday Gift for Your Mob Aficionado

Why? Because you have “Moby-Dick” in your library, don’t you? Individual seasons of “The Sopranos” are available, of course, but this set, just released, brings together all 86 episodes on 28 discs, with the added value of a conversation between Alec Baldwin and David Chase. (Mr. Baldwin had hoped for a role but never got one.) Other features include a photo album, CD soundtracks and a filmed dinner with cast members. For $399.99, and especially in the current climate, we might want the recipes for every plate of veal Carmella ever produced — no, actually, the veal itself — but still, a complete set of one of the greatest series television has ever produced seems to fall in the ranks of cultural essentials. (HBO Video, $399.99.)

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  1. Thanks for the suggestions. May we add one more: indie music label LawTunes' ( unique CDs of humorous, lawyer-created, law-related rock-and-roll songs: "Merry Lexmas From The Lawtunes," "The Lawyer's Holiday Humor Album," "Legal Holidaze," and "The Lawtunes: Live At Blackacre"? Thanks again.


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