The Chicago Syndicate: Simple Resume Error Costs Chicago's Organized Crime Division Head Consideration for Police Chief
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Sunday, November 09, 2008

Simple Resume Error Costs Chicago's Organized Crime Division Head Consideration for Police Chief

The newly appointed acting head of the organized crime division for Chicago Police has been dropped from consideration for a top police job in Arizona because of inconsistencies on his resume.

Lt. Ernest Brown, who had applied for the job of police chief in Buckeye, Ariz., insists the resume flap was a simple error on his part.

Brown said he submitted an old resume that listed him as assistant deputy superintendent, a title he lost last spring when Supt. Jody Weis made several command-level changes.

"I was working off a [computer] disc with several resumes,'' Brown said. "I applied electronically."

Brown, a 26-year veteran, was demoted to lieutenant of Area 1's robbery and burglary division under the changes Weis made.

He said when Buckeye officials came to Chicago to interview him, he did not hide his new position. He told them he was a commanding officer in the detective division and brought them to Area 1.

"I have an exemplary career,'' Brown said. "Everything on my resume is 1,000-percent legit.''

Officials from the city of Buckeye did not return calls late Friday.

Chicago Police officials defended Brown's new position, saying he had a proven track record of working with the community and as an innovative crime-fighter.

Steve Peterson, deputy superintendent of investigative services, said Brown reduced gas station holdups as commander of the Grand Crossing district by helping to get better lighting, video surveillance and wrought iron fencing for owners.

"He is a competent, dedicated member of the department . . . with a keen awareness of gang, gun and drug issues affecting the city,'' Peterson said.

Peterson refused to discuss Brown's job application in Arizona or whether officials knew about it.

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