The Chicago Syndicate: Your Witness: Lessons on Cross-Examination and Life from Great Chicago Trial Lawyers

Monday, April 10, 2017

Your Witness: Lessons on Cross-Examination and Life from Great Chicago Trial Lawyers

In Your Witness: Lessons on Cross-Examination, fifty of the nation’s top trial lawyers share the secrets of the most engaging, difficult, and dramatic aspect of their work – cross-examination.

These secrets are revealed through richly told courtroom “war stories” with a point. While the stories contain some interesting bits of Chicago “color” – mobsters, corrupt politicians and businessmen, street gangs, mass murderers, sports figures, Nobel Laureates, and Colonel McCormick of the Tribune – many of the stories occur across the nation, and the book has broad appeal to lawyers and non-lawyers alike.

Chapter Authors

Thomas Anthony Durkin, William Kunkle, Don H. Reuben, Edward L. Foote, Robert F. Coleman, Michael T. Hannafan. R. Eugene Pincham, Michael J. Morrissey, Sam F. Adams, C. Barry Montgomery, Robert W. Tarun, Jo-Anne F. Wolfson, Charles B. Sklarsky, Matthias A. Lydon, Gordon B. Nash, Steven P. Handler, Michael W. Coffield, Richard A. Halprin, George N. Leighton, Thomas M. Chrisham, James S. Montana, Jr., Michael D. Monico, Marc W. Martin, Steven F. Molo, Peter C. John, Donald Hubert, Patrick A. Tuite, Raymond J. Smith, Walter Jones, Jr., Jeffrey E. Stone, Chris C. Gair, Robert L. Byman, James R. Figliulo, Philip S. Beck, Donald G. Kempf, Jr., Anton R. Valukas, Dan K. Webb, Patricia C. Bobb, Lorna E. Propes, Allan A. Ackerman, Terrence F. MacCarthy, Thomas Breen, Thomas M. Durkin, Vincent J. Connelly, Charles W. Douglas Manuael Sanchez, James D. Montgomery, William J. Martin, Robert A. Clifford, Thomas A. Demetrio

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