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Saturday, September 08, 2007

America's Most Wanted on The Chicago Syndicate

America's Most Wanted on The Chicago SyndicateDominic Lyde & Derrick Benjamin: Deputies in South Carolina have arrested five suspects in one major armored car robbery – with proceeds to the tune of nearly $10 million. But they say two other suspects are still on the run, and nearly $5 million is still missing. Only one of the suspects is older than 22. So what did they do with all that cash? They blew their loot on tattoos, cars and strippers. What else?

Richard Goldberg: Notorious accused pedophile Richard Goldberg is back in the U.S. The FBI Top Tenner was picked up north of the border and now Canadian authorities have deported him and turned him over to U.S. officials. Goldberg faces charges of molesting six young girls and producing child pornography.

Jon Schillaci: A family offered Jon Schillaci a new chance at life after he was released from prison in November 1999, but this registered sex offender paid their kindness with a parent’s worst nightmare. New Hampshire police say as soon as he moved into their home, he was back to his old perverted ways.

Joseph Duran: Police in Vacaville , Calif. are on the lookout for an 18-year-old suspect in the shooting of one of his former friends. Cops say that Joseph Stanley Duran shot and killed 19-year-old Angelo Hurst during a drive-by shooting on June 20, 2007. Authorities tell AMW that Hurst wasn’t the intended target—Duran was aiming for someone else and Hurst was simply caught in the crosshairs in the wrong place at the wrong time. Now, Duran’s on the rune and cops are hoping that AMW viewers can help to pinpoint his whereabouts.

David Atwood: On February 24, 2005 David Atwood was released on parole, after serving ten years for sexually assaulting an 8-year-old boy. After his release, cops say it didn’t take long for Atwood to become a repeat offender. He has been on the rune since allegations surfaced that he sexually assaulted yet another child.

Pablo Castro: Cops in New York are trying to track down convicted felon Pablo Castro. They say the Colombian national has snuck into the U.S. and is recruiting day laborers to burglarize affluent homes. Connected to more than 20 crimes, cops say Castro could be laying low in New York or hiding out in New Jersey.

Rizwan Chuadhary: It's Christmas Eve in East Brunswick , NJ , and a woman and her 9-year-old son are on their way to church. Minutes later, police say Rizwan Chaudhary plows into their minivan at 91 miles an hour, killing the young boy -- now authorities hope to put Chaudhary on a collision course with justice.

Raven Jeffries: In August 2006, 7-year-old Raven Jeffries was playing outside of her home in Detroit , Mich. , when her brother says he stepped away from her for just a moment. Just days after her disappearance, police say that her burned body was found in a field in a neighboring town. Now, AMW is teaming up with Pauley Perrette from the hit crime drama NCIS to help solve the case.

Shannon Paulk: At around 2:30 p.m., two of Shannon's friends were on a walk through the trailer park, when they saw Shannon talking to an unfamiliar man. Nearby was a white, four-door car, with red clay mud on the back. They went up to talk to Shannon , but she didn't introduce them to the newcomer, so they figured she didn't really know him very well. The girls talked briefly, then parted ways. When Shannon's friends passed by again half an hour later, Shannon , the mysterious man, and the car were all gone. Shannon was never seen again. Now, this Saturday night, AMW is teaming up with Pauley Perrette, the star of the prime time crime drama NCIS, to help investigators solve Shannon ’s murder as well as the murder of Raven Jeffries.

Camille Cleverley: Investigators tell AMW that a questionable ATM purchase made with missing BYU student Camille Cleverley's ATM card may help in ascertaining what happened to the missing 22-year-old. Cops say that around 11 a.m. on August 31, the day after Camille was last seen, her ATM card was used to purchase two bottles of juice and some doughnuts. Unfortunately, the convenience store's security cameras were not operational when the transaction was made and subsequent police interviews with the cashier have not yielded a positive identification of exactly who used Camille's card to make the purchase. Tune in this Saturday night to help us put the clues together and bring Camille home.

Jelmo Kirkland: The Citgo gas station in Miami Gardens , Fla. was full of people on January 20, 2007, but police say that didn't stop a man known as "Skeebo" from pulling out a gun and opening fire on a car. Now, this week we’ll try to track him down and put him behind bars., Inc.

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