The Chicago Syndicate: Paris Hilton - A Mafia Princess?

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Paris Hilton - A Mafia Princess?

Now this is what we call casting news. You 'll never guess who was hand-picked by mafia princess Antoinette Giancana to play her in an upcoming cable TV movie: Paris Hilton!

Yes, you read right. PARIS HILTON! What's THAT about? A TV movie was made in 1986 based on Antoinette's book Mafia Princess and Antoinette wasn't thrilled with Susan Lucci's performance. (Tony Curtis played her father Sam Giancana.) The mobster's daughter decided the actress made her look like a "weakling." Apparently she's hoping for some spunk from Paris Hilton in this new untitled movie.

Antoinette Giancana and Paris Hilton - Mafia Princesses?

Back in the 80's, Antoinette was featured in Playboy but the only photo we could find of her was this one advertising her pasta sauce. She looks more like a reformed nun than a princess.

Thanks to Janet Charlton

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