The Chicago Syndicate: Material Girl, Madonna, to Make Movie on Mafia World?

Montana West World

Montana West World

Monday, July 23, 2007

Material Girl, Madonna, to Make Movie on Mafia World?

It seems that Madonna is getting increasingly fascinated with the mafia and the gangster world.

After working with Timbaland on hip-hop tracks, the pop diva is now planning to make a film about her jailbird former lover, Chris Paciello, who was once a New York mobster.

Madonna dated Paciello for two years in the nineties, but the pair parted ways after he was jailed for murder following a theft in which a woman was shot dead by an accomplice. But now that the one-time nightclub investor is free, Madge is seriously thinking about making a movie on his life and has even met him three times in the past six months to discuss the project.

A shortlist of stars has been put together for the movie including Mark Wahlberg, John Cusack and star of massive American sci-fi series Heroes Milo Ventimiglia.

"Recording with Timbaland must have given Madonna a taste for gangsters. She's back in touch with her old flame Chris. She has met him three times to thrash out a deal - first when she went to LA for the Academy Awards, then twice in New York, including her most recent trip there last month," The Sun quoted a source, as saying.

"There's no romance. She is desperately keen to produce a film based on the book Mob Over Miami about him. She has always been fascinated by tough guys and loves his story," the source added.

However, the source adds that Madge's hubby Guy Ritchie has made it very clear that he won't be involved in the movie, as he thinks that the whole project is a bad idea.

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