The Chicago Syndicate: Judge Muzzling Attorneys at Mob Trial?

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Sunday, July 08, 2007

Judge Muzzling Attorneys at Mob Trial?

Attorney Joseph "The Shark" Lopez, who is representing Frank Calabrese Sr. in the Chicago Family Secrets Mob Trial, has agreed to provide us with updates on his observations and thoughts regarding the various court proceedings.

Today, Shark indicates that Judge Zagel has ordered him to tone down his comments to the media.

Joseph 'The Shark' Lopez
"Local court rules do not allow me to comment on the witnesses in this case. Somehow my first amendment got lost in the fray. Frank (Calabrese) Jr. is on stand, as Jeff Coen wrote, he made all kinds of allegations. The tapes will be played next week. It should be an intersting week. I can't wait until cross examination. At least three lawyers will ask him questions. It's sure to be a great week. Judge Zagel is moving the trial along and the prosecutors are moving witnesses in and out. As usual, I asked a gazillion questions last week. This week should be the same. Stay Tuned." - Shark

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