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Tuesday, June 26, 2007

The Shark Attacks: "Red" Wemette

Attorney Joseph "The Shark" Lopez, who is representing Frank Calabrese Sr. in the Chicago Family Secrets Mob Trial, has agreed to provide us with updates on his observations and thoughts regarding the various court proceedings.

Today, the Shark responds to the testimony of porn shop owner, William "Red" Wemette.

I almost fell asleep while this chuch (ass) was testfying. The tapes showed he was not in fear of his safety. He forgot to tell the jury how the outfit bankrolled his porno store and put in the video machines in the beat-off booths. This guy is something. If the IRS did not come sniffing around he would still be in business. "The German" protected him from the others. It's a shame how the feds twisted the story around, this guy thinks he is Elliot Ness you should see what a dofus he is on the stand. He is so boring, it was killing me. I was narcoleptic between him and mars. I do not know who is more monotone and dry with no emotion.

I am waiting for Jr. (Frank Calabrese Jr.) and Nick (Nicholas Calabrese) to hit the stand for the fireworks. At least i made the front page of the Trib. The drawing took almost the whole front page, it was great. - Shark

1 comment:

  1. Joe, get the facts right befor you shoot off your big mouth. God knows I don't say too much about how you are, or say or do. You like attention from the press and they know it when you make a fool out of yourself. Many of the people on facebook say, "He's a wanta be gangster" Enough said.



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