The Chicago Syndicate: America's Most Wanted on The Chicago Syndicate for 6-9-07

Montana West World

Montana West World

Saturday, June 09, 2007

America's Most Wanted on The Chicago Syndicate for 6-9-07

America's Most Wanted and The Chicago Syndicate have partnered to highlight AMW's upcoming Episodes on Fox.

America's Most Wanted on The Chicago SyndicateJason Howard: Jewel and Mildred Cleveland had not been heard from for over a month. Then, 2004, police found their bodies buried in their own barn. Their mentally ill son Jason Howard has been missing since, and police believe he may be responsible for their deaths.

The Mad Hatter: The Mad Hatter got his nickname by wearing a different style cap for all 17 of his New Jersey bank robberies. Now, he has a new look—a red face. No, it’s not because he’s embarrassed. It’s because during his latest bank robbery, the dye pack exploded all over him as he fled the scene. Now police say they’re hot on his trail.

Unknown Usha Taneja Killer: Usha Taneja’s son was about to get married—she had been waiting for this day for years. But the night before the wedding, Usha disappeared. She was found dead on the sidewalk just blocks from her home, and now police are looking for her killer.

Derrick Lloyd: On New Year’s Day in 1991, cops say a man told Derrick Lloyd to watch the tone of his voice. Lloyd didn’t take kindly to this, and allegedly shot the man in the face. Since then, he’s been on the run. Police think he’s probably hiding out in Jamaica or Boston , Mass.

Joseph Jermaine Woodbury Jr.: In 2005, Ricky Lamar Cooke was found shot to death on a rural road in South Carolina . And now, cops are looking for a man who they say may know something about what happened—his name is Joseph Woodbury.

Jerry Otis Robinson: Jerry Robinson had what seemed like an average relationship with his girlfriend Stacie. But in 1999, what started as a normal dinner date turned into a nightmare for Stacie. Cops say Robinson was going through some hard times, and after the couple split up, he out his frustration by shooting his girlfriend several times. Luckily, Stacie survived, but police say Robinson is on the run and should be considered armed and dangerous.

Bablu Hassan: Cops say when 5-year-old Chastity Adams woke up when she heard Bablu Hassan arguing with her mother. When Chastity realized that things were about to turn violent, she got in the way. Police say Chastity was slashed across the stomach before Hassan killed her mother. Now, Bablu is in big trouble and on the run. Some reports have him all the way in Bangladesh.

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