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Friday, June 01, 2007

America's Most Wanted on The Chicago Syndicate

America's Most WantedAmerica's Most Wanted and The Chicago Syndicate have partnered to highlight AMW's upcoming Episode.

Omar Mora is our lead story right now. Mora is an Indiana man who police say opened fire on his wife and another man in a deadly love triangle. According to cops, Mora should be considered armed and very dangerous.

Additional features include:

Jose Garcia: Kentucky police say that Jose “Joey” Garcia brutally attacked and raped a co-worker in 2004. A matching DNA test came back linking Garcia to the crime, but he went into hiding before police could get to him.

Alexis Flores: Flores had been convicted of felonies before, but now police suspect that he is responsible for the horrifying murder of 5-year-old Ariana DeJesus in 2000. The identity of Ariana’s killer was a mystery to investigators until 2007 when the FBI in Philadelphia got a break when DNA from the crime scene matched that of DeJesus.

Midtown Jane Doe: When construction workers started working to renovate a Manhattan apartment building once known for attracting prostitutes and pimps, they dug up something horrifying—the skeleton of a young woman. Investigators are now piecing together clues in hopes to figure out who she was, and who might’ve killed her.

Shane Magan: Magan is a young man from California with a troubled past. As a child, he was placed in a foster home after his mother abandoned him. Now, what was bad has only gotten worse. Cops say Magan’s on the run after shooting a cop.

Unknown Chris Mader Update: Chris Mader was a 24-year-old Maryland man with big dreams of becoming a sports broadcaster. But then, on Thanksgiving morning in 2004, Mader was tragically shot and killed by an unknown assailant. Police are hoping a new sketch will give them what they need to get closure for Chris’ family.

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