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Tuesday, June 26, 2007

America's Most Wanted and The Chicago Syndicate for 6-30-07

America's Most Wanted and The Chicago Syndicate have partnered on AMW's upcoming episodes for Fox.

America's Most Wanted on The Chicago SyndicateLyle Baade: In September of 1993, 59-year-old heart patient Lyle Baade got a new lease on life. A tragic twist of fate gave him the transplant he needed to survive—Lyle received the heart of a 16-year-old murder victim by the name of Benny Zweigle. Seven years later, alive and well in Arizona , Baade was attending a homeowner’s meeting. Suddenly, a disgruntled neighbor by the name of Richard Glassel burst into the room--opening fire on the homeowner’s committee. Witnesses say Baade sprang into action. It was almost as if Benny, the 16-year-old heart donor was acting from beyond the grave.

Vicki Ragins Hero: In December of 2004, Shahidah Harley, her five children, and her sister Sheba were headed home to Atlanta after Thanksgiving. Shahidah lost control of her car and swerved into a water-filled canal. At the same time, 57-year-old Vicki Ragins was on her way to her son’s for breakfast. She saw Shahidah sitting on the side of the road in shock that while most of her family escaped the canal, her 13-month-old was still trapped in the car. Vicki’s terrified of water, but that didn’t stop her from diving in and saving the child’s life.

Michel Barrera: Police say Michel Barrera is responsible for the armed robbery of two Florida banks, and the attempted murder of Miami-Dade police officers in 1998. Now, seven years later, there’s still no trace of Barrera—and police are looking to AMW to track him down.

Stepha Henry: Friends and family of Stepha Henry say it would be very unlike for her to run away. The 22-year-old law school hopeful from New York disappeared last month while vacationing in Florida . Hopefully this week, AMW viewers can re-unite her with her family.

New York/Florida Serial Rapist: In August of 2005, a 68-year-old homeless woman was raped in Westside Manhattan. Police say that they may have found the man responsible, and that he could be behind brutal rapes in Florida and New York . This week we’ll feature interviews with Jacqueline, the courageous 68-year-old New York determined to fight back.

Israel Corral: Cops say Israel Corral was responsible for distributing guns and drugs all over the city of Detroit . He’s made big bucks in the process. This week, police are hoping that AMW tipsters can help track him down.

Cyril Byrd: While attending a New Year’s party in 1998, police say Byrd opened fire on a crowd of people—striking and killing one man. Now, nine years later, Byrd is still on the run. Cops if he’s not still in Ohio , he could be in California.

Joseph Fontana: Cops say Joseph Fontana seemed like a good guy. But upon moving to Fort Walton Beach , Florida —his true identity was revealed. Fontana allegedly made a new friend with her two young sons. What his new friend didn’t know is that Fontana was sexually molesting the boys for years.

Duane Bedford: Duane Bedford was a Philadelphia man who police say has a hot temper. And on May 28, 2006, after a neighbor accused him of breaking a window—witnesses say that Bedford exploded, shooting and killing his long time acquaintance. A year later, we’re making it our job to track Bedford down.

Jason Brown: Jason Brown has been an “AMW Dirty Dozen” member for quite a while now. He earned his spot by allegedly killing a Dunbar armored car driver in front of a Phoenix , Ariz. Multiplex in 2005. Cops say Brown is a one of the worst of the worst, but AMW viewers have already provided some great tips that have this fugitive feeling the heat.

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