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Sunday, May 27, 2007

Operation Family Secrets Mob Murder Victims

I have been asked from time to time whether various individuals were among the 18 victims that were allegedly murdered by the defendants in the Operation Family Secrets indictments. Below you will find a list of the victims along with the dates of their respective murders.

Michael Albergo in Chicago in August 1970

Daniel Seifert in Bensenville on September 27, 1974

Paul Haggerty in Chicago on June 24, 1976

Henry Cosentino on March 15, 1977

John Mendell in Chicago on January 16, 1978

Donald Renno and Vincent Moretti in Cicero on January 31, 1978

William and Charlotte Dauber in Will County on July 2, 1980

William Petrocelli in Cicero on December 30, 1980

Michael Cagnoni in DuPage County on June 24, 1981

Nicholas D'Andrea in Chicago Heights on September 13, 1981

Richard D. Ortiz / Arthur Morawski in Cicero on July 23, 1983

Emil Vaci in Phoenix on June 7, 1986

Anthony and Michael Spilotro in DuPage Co. on June 14, 1986

John Fecarotta in Chicago on September 14, 1986

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