The Chicago Syndicate: Overheard: Lance Armstrong, The Sopranos and Hillary's race.
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Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Overheard: Lance Armstrong, The Sopranos and Hillary's race.

Courtesy of my buddy Argus

Lance Armstrong will bicycle ride with President Bush Sunday. He just ripped the Iraq war and now he's going into the woods with the president. He wouldn't normally make a mistake like this but he never sees The Sopranos because he trains in Europe.

New York prosecutor Jeanine Pirro stated last week that she will run against Hillary Clinton for the U.S. Senate seat next year. Her husband, Albert Pirro, served time for cheating on his taxes. Under New York state law, wives of cheating husbands get a Senate seat.

New York Republican Jeanine Pirro got off to a bad start in her race against Hillary. It seems her husband was charged with Mafia ties. Rudy Giuliani just endorsed her for starting her life over in Scottsdale with a completely new identity.

New York Senate candidate Jeanine Pirro accused Democrats of whispering that she's being financed by mob money. Her husband is an accused mobster. It's not a very convincing denial when all she can say is that this is the life we have chosen.

Some quick notes on Albert Pirro:
Gangster Greg DePalma was heard on FBI tapes claiming that one of his associates told him Albert Pirro blabbed about one of his wife's pending cases with him. DePalma claimed the associate, a contractor named Robert Persico, said Albert Pirro told him his wife's investigators were probing a local cop connected to DePalma. Pirro denied making the statement and filed suit against Persico. He later withdrew the suit.
Persico admitted he discussed Albert Pirro with DePalma, but only about the fact that Persico had hired him as a lobbyist to resolve a "payment dispute" with the state. Pirro confirmed that "for a few months" in 2002, he was a paid lobbyist for Persico, whom law enforcement has publicly labeled a mob associate since 1998.

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