The Chicago Syndicate: Member of #HellsAngels Biker Gang and Wife Sent to Prison Over Meth Ring
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Friday, November 01, 2019

Member of #HellsAngels Biker Gang and Wife Sent to Prison Over Meth Ring

An Anchorage Hells Angel got 18 years in federal prison while his wife got another four years for their role in a methamphetamine distribution ring in Anchorage.

Charles Denver Phillips, also known as “Pup” was a member of the Hells Angels motorcycle group, whose members the US Department of Justice says “pose a serious national domestic threat” for their affiliations to organized crime including drug trafficking, and his wife Latrilla kept their stash in their apartment and at a CONEX located at an Anchorage dog-kenneling business.

According to a release from the U.S. Department of Justice, Charles and Latrilla Phillips sold 401 grams of meth to a repeat customer, an event witnessed by law enforcement officials.

On Aug. 10, 2018Frozen, officials searched the Phillips’ Anchorage apartment and the CONEX they controlled. At the apartment, they found 120 grams of methamphetamine some of which “was packaged in baggies containing scenes from the Disney movie “Frozen (Plus Bonus Features)Frozen.” Investigators found decor and clothing decorated with Hells Angels imagery.

The apartment had equipment for distribution as well: digital scales, packaging items, and $24,942 in cash. The CONEX, meanwhile, had ten pounds of methamphetamine.

In addition to 18 years in federal prison, Charles Phillips - who was on supervised release at the time of his arrest for a previous drug trafficking charge - got five years of supervised release. Latrilla, who had no prior criminal history, was given eight years in prison with four years of supervised release. The couple also returned $24,942 in proceeds from their trafficking operation that was found in their apartment.

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