The Chicago Syndicate: Firearm Owner Identification Cards Application Moving Online

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Firearm Owner Identification Cards Application Moving Online

The Illinois State Police will begin accepting online applications for firearm owner identification cards beginning March 16 in an attempt to streamline and modernize the process.

The current FOID paper applications will not be accepted after Monday, the agency said Friday. Like the concealed-carry license, the new FOID application will be available through the ISP's website,, or through the call center at 217-782-7980 for people who do not have computer access. Applicants who are Amish or younger than 21 and do not have an Illinois driver’s license or state ID card will be required to complete an alternative call-in paper application.

The ISP also has made changes to the login for both permits. Applicants won't have to obtain a digital state ID through the Department of Central Management Services. Instead, they will need to register with Illinois State Police by providing key identifiers from their Illinois driver’s license or identification card, create a username and password, and answer four security questions. The CCL website will be unavailable from 5 p.m. March 13 to 7 a.m. March 16 while the new FOID system is activated.

Federal Firearm Licensed dealers also will have access to the web-based portal so they can conduct the required background checks of anyone who wants to buy a firearm. All FFLs in Illinois are required to register at or 217-524-3847 to continue to perform background checks after the launch of the new system. The Firearm Transfer Inquiry Program will close at 4 p.m. March 15 to allow data to be transferred to the new system. Beginning at 8:30 a.m. March 16, firearm dealers will be able to submit firearm background transactions via the website and follow up on previously requested checks based upon a transaction number.

The traditional $2 transaction fee is being waived for firearm dealers who use the web-portal during its first 30 days. Dealers will still have the option of using the 800-number dial-up process, which will cost a $2 processing fee.

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