The Chicago Syndicate: "The White Boy Confessions" Chronicles Gang Life, Violence, Poverty and Race Relations in San Antonio, Texas
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Friday, June 20, 2014

"The White Boy Confessions" Chronicles Gang Life, Violence, Poverty and Race Relations in San Antonio, Texas

The White Boy Confessions: The Explosive Story of Marcus Valdespino and San Antonio's Hood, the powerful autobiography of San Antonio native Marcus Valdespino. White Boy Confessions deals with gang life and violence in San Antonio and such controversial subjects as race relations, poverty, and interracial crime. The first twenty-nine years of Valdespino’s life were compelling and tragic. Valdespino witnessed his father’s drug dealing to high profile people and he, unfortunately, followed in his footsteps. The White Boy ConfessionsValdespino’s story shows the worst of humanity and is chilling in its depiction of sex and violence and heartfelt, poignant and sad in its betrayal of the rite of passage of a young person growing up in this world.

The White Boys Confessions is also extremely powerful in its social and political commentary. There are several layers of the story contained within it that are both frightening and humorous. As white boy operated primarily in an African American environment, Valdespino had to prove his worth beyond a reasonable doubt. Yet, he went from a know nothing white kid of the streets in 1989 to second in command to a drug dealer in charge of a crack cocaine empire. The FEDS were after him and his crew from 1998 to 2000. There were many shoot outs, home invasions, beat downs, violent rapes, police raids, graphic explicit sex, human trafficking and even a murder.

Today, all of Valdespino’s friends are in the penitentiary, dead or their whereabouts are unknown. Yet, by some miracle he went unscathed and experienced no penitentiary time.. All of Valdespino’s story—the bad and the ugly-- is in The White Boy Confessions, a story of not just survival but also redemption.

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  1. Fuk Marcus and his book. He's nothing but a liar to women and a cheater and selfish and evil. Whoever supports this is dumb because Marcus did nothing but lead me on and make me think we were together after 4 years!!!!!!!!! He uses women and lies to them and never takes responsibility for HIS actions in things. LIAR!!!!! I feel sorry for whoever ends up with him!!!



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