The Chicago Syndicate: New Book Investigates One of America's Most Controversial Spy Cases #SpyofDavid

Friday, June 13, 2014

New Book Investigates One of America's Most Controversial Spy Cases #SpyofDavid

Strategic Media Books is pleased to announce the publication of a timely book that profiles one of the biggest spy cases in U.S.  history. Winston Churchill’s description of Stalinist Russia in 1939 – he called it “a riddle, wrapped in a mystery, inside an enigma” – easily could have been said about the case of Jonathan Jay Pollard, the U.S. Naval Intelligence analyst who, in March of 1987, received a mystifying life sentence for passing classified secrets to Israel,  an American ally . Now, twenty-seven years later, the debate over America’s most controversial spy has apparently once again been rekindled.

A sequel to author Elliot Goldenberg’s previous book, The Hunting Horse, Spy of David: The Strange Case of Jonathan Pollard and the Two Decade Battle to Win his Freedomchronicles the obstacles faced by Goldenberg and his partner in a motion picture project as they navigate the perilous waters of Hollywood and Washington in an attempt to not only separate fact from fiction about the Pollard spy case but, hopefully, make a feature film based on The Hunting Horse.

Always provocative, Spy of David intertwines the story of America’s most debated case of espionage with the dangers of international Islamic terrorism (including Middle Eastern ties to the Oklahoma City bombing), and the selling of a major motion picture. Simply put, Spy of David is an attempt to shed a bright light over a dark stain on both the American judicial system and our intelligence community, while, at the same time, solve a decades-old puzzle – knowing that, for way too long, the truth surrounding this most gut-wrenching of spy cases has remained hidden, blurred, and obscured.

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