The Chicago Syndicate: Jeff Pesek May Lose School Board Endorsements After Reputed Connections to Mob Associates & Drug Traffickers Are Alleged

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Montana West World

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Jeff Pesek May Lose School Board Endorsements After Reputed Connections to Mob Associates & Drug Traffickers Are Alleged

Several Berwyn politicians are rethinking their endorsement of embattled Morton High School District 201 Board of Education President Jeff Pesek. A recent Chicago Sun-Times report revealed Pesek had business and personal connections with convicted drug traffickers and mob members. Berwyn CARES, a local education advocacy group has called for his resignation.

Berwyn Mayor Robert Lovero along with Aldermen Theodore Boyajian and Nona Chapman sent emails to constituent urging them to vote for Pesek, as well as several other candidates supported the Democratic Citizens of Berwyn. All three officials are members of that party.

Lovero attempted to deflect some of the criticism from Boyajian and Chapman, saying, “Both of these two just forwarded what I sent them.”

In a prepared statement, Lovero said, “I, like the majority of citizens, endorsed Mr. pesek due to his prior performance as High School District 201 Board President... I am satisfied that his concerns are for the betterment of our young men and women.

“The newspaper article nowhere states that he was or has been accused accused of any crime. If we are to be judged by our past affiliations, then our system of justice crumbles,” Lovero's statement said.

Chapman said that she knew nothing of Pesek's shady connections prior to her endorsement. “I've worked with Jeff on National Night, and quite honestly, a write-in candidate is very hard to endorse,” said Chapman, alluding to Rita Maniotis, who ran a write-in candidacy after being booted due to a technical objection from a former treasurer for the Democratic Citizens of Berwyn.

Chapman stopped short of calling for Pesek's resignation, saying, “I don't know enough about it really.”
Boyajian was more direct in his rebuttal. “I knew nothing about it and if I did, I never would have endorsed him. Anybody who knows me knows I do not condone that,” Boyajian said.

Boyajian also stopped short of calling for Pesek's resignation and said that should be left up to his fellow board members.

The board of education's next meeting is scheduled for 5 p.m. Wednesday at Morton West High School.

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  1. Jeff Pesek, president of a school board? That guy's a hoodlum, a punk, a neighborhood scum. Last time I saw him was about twenty years ago when I interrupted a fight that his hand was having with girlfriend's face. How did that guy become president of anything?

  2. People should NOT be judged because of who they have affiliated with in the past. Most people have some relative, acquaintance, co-worker, or child hood friend that has done something illegal or immoral that they don't agree with. It's part of life. 99% of people know someone who has been to arrested, maybe done something wrong they got away with-had a little too much to drink and got behind the wheel-or done something considered WRONG. That doesn't mean you're going to disown that family member, friend, or acquaintance. I wouldn't want to be held responsible for my friends or relatives wrong doings. Nor would I want people to judge ME by THEIR actions.
    Furthermore, people grow up and change. To say that Pesek hit his girlfriend 20 YEARS AGO-WHEN HE WAS A TEENAGER- is really going below the belt. I'm sure we've all done things as teenagers that we are not proud of and wouldn't do 20years later as ADULTS.

  3. Well lets talk about Pesek's present day influence. When he makes decisions which eliminate teaching jobs, just so he can turn around and give all of his buddies maintenance jobs and contracts at inflated salaries/prices. Some of which are never seen working a full week of work. Pesek is crooked plain and simple, and it's sad that people around Cicero just chalk it up to "that's the way things work in Cicero." That's the way things work in a town run by criminals that haven't been caught yet.


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