The Chicago Syndicate: Was Michael Jackson Targeted for Death by the Mafia?
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Sunday, June 28, 2009

Was Michael Jackson Targeted for Death by the Mafia?

Speculation is building that Michael Jackson was targeted by members of the mafia in Los Angeles in what was believed an attempt by various disgruntled creditors to recover millions of dollars of money owed on failed business ventures.

Sources in Los Angeles believe various "high-ranking" members of the underworld had been given orders to approach Michael Jackson in an attempt to recover money given the stars apparent rise in fortunes.

The star is believed in an act of desperation may have overdosed on sleeping pills in a desperate last ditch attempt to avoid a grueling 50 date tour in London and confrontations with the underworld.

An autopsy of Michael Jackson is likely to take place in the next few days, with funeral arrangement yet to be confirmed.

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  1. Micheal Jackson was Targeted, but not from the mafia, he was targeted by local extremist groups where he lived. These groups are tied in to organizied crime,but its not the mob. He was given overdose in drugs by the n.w.o. involved in cause stalking extremist groups see, These groups target anyone involved with children, entertainers or blacks, they try to sensationalize the targets weaknesses, such as drug use, all his doctors were involved somehow, linked to these groups, hopefully the cops will bust those doctors who knew he would die if they kept giving him drugs, also see cause stalking,by david lawson for more info.

  2. I agree with what Anonymous above me said. Organized gangstalkers murdered Michael, not necessarily anyone with mob or mafia connections. Gangstalking groups are criminal 'mobs' in their own right and are highly established. RIP MJ.

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