The Chicago Syndicate: Omerta - The Massive Multiplayer Text-Based RPG Gangster Game

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Omerta - The Massive Multiplayer Text-Based RPG Gangster Game

While the gangster games are on their way – basically in the form of 2K Games’ Mafia II and EA’s GodFather II: The Game – another company is updating an MMOG that takes the whole mobster concept and puts some spice on it…and a little black-handing, because gamers like black-handing.

Comments Steve Biddick, CEO of Omerta Game commented in the press release about the new update, saying... "There had been a lot of talk among our players about making a change to how players are killed within the game. We have since implemented these changes so that in effect, the strength of the players account will be a crucial factor in a duel as a higher ranked player can take more bullets. But now is the best time for new players to join in with Omerta as with a new version, everybody starts from what is effectively a level playing field”.

The game, surprisingly enough, boasts 3.5 million subscriptions. Yizers, that’s a lot of people playing a game that is relatively unheard of. One of the things that makes Omerta different from other MMOGs is that a lot of the content is contributed by players. Kind of neat, eh?

"We pride ourselves on involving our players, listening to their feedback and then responding accordingly. Our players can make recommendations which are then discussed in the user group and actioned by our development team”. Said Biddick.

More than 250 volunteers help out with Omerta and the game is available in 34 different languages. For gamers interested in this game be sure to check out the Main Website for more information.

Thanks to William Usher

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