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Colsen Fire Pits

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Gambino Mafia Boss Featured on America's Most Wanted

Nick Corozzo: Little Nicky Corozzo was arguably the Gambino crime family's most powerful chieftain -- and perhaps its craftiest. Cops say Corozzo is responsible for at least two murders, as well as extortion schemes, money laundering and illegal gambling operations. But when a phalanx of law enforcement officers converged on dozens of accused mobsters' homes in February 2008, the most coveted target was the one who got away.

AMWDwight Smith/1000th Capture: After 21 seasons of television crime fighting, America's Most Wanted has announced that accused killer Dwight Smith -- a NYC real estate agent who cops say killed his friend over a deal -- has become the show's 1,000th direct result capture.

Paul Eischeid: The A.T.F. and police in Tempe , Ariz. have charged outlaw biker Paul Eischeid with an act of savagery in the desert. He's one of the U.S. Marshals' Top 15, and John Walsh has added him to his Dirty Dozen list -- the notorious group of fugitives he wants to see taken off the streets the most.

David James Roberts: When AMW aired for the first time in 1988 no one was sure if it would work. The very first fugitive was a big fish -- one of the FBI's Ten Most Wanted. He turned out be one of the easiest captures.

John List: John Emil List, one of the most famous captures in the history of America 's Most Wanted, made headlines in 1971 when he brutally and methodically murdered five of his family members. List's 17-year run from the law run ended on June 1, 1989 when he became AMW's 50th direct-result capture; he died on March 21, 2008 at a hospital in New Jersey.

Tempe Bank Heist: It sounds like a scene from a Hollywood movie: three savvy bank robbers scheme to hold a bank manager and his wife hostage the night before their big heist. The FBI says the men responsible for the biggest bank robbery payday in Arizona history not only terrorized one Tempe area couple, they tried and failed to do the same thing to a family the night before in Chandler . Now, a manhunt is underway for the cash-rich culprits who got away with nearly $400,000.

Devon Russell: Smuggling of drugs, weapons and illegal aliens is big business along the U.S. shores. In South Florida , federal, state and local law enforcement are taking on smugglers, and their fight is serious business. Since 2005, more than 30 innocent men and women have died at sea near Florida 's coastline as a result of smuggling. Cops are searching for a key player in the ring, Devon Russell.

Jeffrey Stone
: Police say on March 24, 2008, 15-year-old Jeffrey Stone left his home on foot and vanished. He was last seen leaving his home on Littleton Cutoff Road in Attalla , Ala.

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