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Monday, December 03, 2007

No More Snow Plowing at UIC for Alleged Mob Firm

A reputed mob-controlled company no longer holds a snow-removal contract at the University of Illinois at Chicago.

UIC officials say D&P Construction declined to bid for the contract -- after revelations surfaced during the "Family Secrets" mob trial last summer that reputed mob boss John "No Nose" DiFronzo took part in a double murder.

D&P, which has had numerous snow-removal contracts with UIC since 1998, on paper is run by Josephine DiFronzo -- the sister-in-law of John DiFronzo and the wife of Peter DiFronzo, who is purportedly a chief lieutenant to his brother John in mob affairs.

Authorities have said the two DiFronzo brothers really control the firm.

The new contract was awarded to a small minority-run company called Total Property Management and Engineering Services in September, according to UIC records.

D&P "did not submit a bid," said UIC spokesman Mark Rosati.

Rosati said university officials did not ask D&P to give up its contract.

Doing so would be illegal, he said.

When asked whether UIC officials were pleased that D&P and its alleged mob ties decided to move on, he declined comment.

Josephine DiFronzo did not return calls.

Although the school never witnessed nefarious tactics, an internal 2003 FBI memo alleged that D&P "obtained contracts through illegal payoffs or intimidation."

D&P made headlines in 2001 after the Illinois Gaming Board criticized the company for hauling trash from the site of what was intended to be a Rosemont casino.

From 2003 to 2005, D&P made nearly $500,000 for snow removal at the university.

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