The Chicago Syndicate: Mob Still in Chicago, Feds Too
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Saturday, September 29, 2007

Mob Still in Chicago, Feds Too

Three members of the Chicago mob's top echelon face life behind bars after being blamed by a jury for a terrifying, 16-year wave of murder aimed at silencing witnesses and settling old scores.

But the government's victory Thursday at one of the biggest mob trials in Chicago history isn't expected to put organized crime out of business.

Prosecutors say their war with the Chicago Outfit will go on. "The Outfit isn't going away, but we aren't going away," federal prosecutor Mitchell A. Mars said after the jury found three men he called "old-time ranking bosses of the Outfit" responsible for 10 mob murders.

Robert D. Grant, special agent in charge of the FBI's Chicago office, said the city still is plagued by 28 "made guys" and more than 100 associates who do the dirty work but are in the mob's inner circle. But he said the jury's action Thursday was something to celebrate. "These people were charged and convicted in this trial for being the murderous thugs that they really are," Grant told reporters.

The jury deliberated for eight days to determine which defendants were responsible for specific murder.

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