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Saturday, September 29, 2007

High Praise for "Better Off Dead: In Paradise"

John Paul Carinci’s new thriller, Better Off Dead: In Paradise, surpasses Robert Ludlum and Robert Parker and does it with a flair for turning a Caribbean phrase that Jimmy Buffet would envy! A rich and realistic description of the Cayman Islands is the back drop for this page-turning tour de force.

In the original Better Off Dead, we meet Frank Granstino. Frank is a colorful, likable and very believable insurance salesman from Brooklyn, New York that becomes ensnared with the mafia. In the end Frank and his girlfriend Alicia become part of the witness protection program and are sent to heaven on Earth, the Cayman Islands.

In this new thriller, their cover is blown to smithereens and their world is turned upside down. The Mob will stop at nothing for vengeance. Readers will feel their gut reactions to the world of violence that is the mafia. Better Off Dead: In Paradise is not for the faint of heart. The violence is realistic and vivid. The reader will feel the terror right along with Frank and Alicia.

The terrorized couple is forced to flee through the islands, take a trip to New York, and then travel back to the Caribbean. All the while the bad guys are killing and blowing things up in their relentless hunt for revenge. It is only through Frank’s clever nature with the help of Alicia’s FBI experience that they are able to stay a step ahead.

Better Off Dead: In Paradise, is so richly described and the characters and their dialogue is so realistic that the author must have lived through similar action himself, that or done painstaking research. The book has enough twists and turns to satisfy the most ardent thriller fan. It also has more than enough action to attract any reader. The audience is left to guess breathlessly at the ending and almost any reader will guess wrong!

Thanks to Brien Jones.

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